Your Party Girls

What's more awesome than strippers? Well how about snakes! Fire! Gambling! Not cleaning your room! Get all that and more, with Your Party Girls.Launched in Seattle and now in SF, YPG's a stripper-owned and operated outfit that's just augmented its raunchy-yet-commonplace house call activities with a slew of "special services" that'll spice up any event not attended by your parents. For starters, there are fire dancers, who'll risk life and bare limbs to light up your backyard, and a snake dancer, who arrives with a 9-foot python and a boombox -- don't request RATT, or the snake will eat it. Less lethally, YPG'll dispatch your dancer of choice to nude-deal your poker party, or clean your pad in the buck; more often than not, maids come in pairs, and when the dusting and scrubbing's done, they'll take care of the carpets (this means exactly what you're afraid to hope it means). YPG's matriarch recruits girls based on non-stripping talent, and any/all of these skills can potentially be worked into your shindig, whether it's bartending, magic, or even flute playing. Which means exactly what you're afraid to acknowledge it doesn't mean.