(n.) A two-sided measuring tool for liquid, also called a measure. Named for a measurement of 1.5 ounces, modern jiggers vary in size, but the standard is a 1.5 ounce cup on one side and a 1 ounce cup on the other.

The jigger is an essential bar tool for any bartender. It allows a bartender to not only make cocktails in a calculated manner, but also pour ingredients quickly and get as many cocktails into the hands of patrons as possible. Certain cocktail recipes are very sensitive to their exact measurements, so as to avoid making a drink too citrusy or too boozy, it’s best to use a jigger.

Although experienced bartenders are less reliant on the jigger as they learn the art of free pouring ingredients, it’s still extremely important to have a jigger stocked at the bar. Because as skilled as you may be at making drinks, you’re much better off having a jigger and not needing it than to get caught during the happy hour rush without one.

Also, did we mention, they are extremely inexpensive and a staple in every starter bartender kit? Heck, they also make awesome bartender gifts! A cocktail-lover can never have too many!