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Rustic elegance in Gold Coast

Talented artists tend to be either hyperprolific (as with Zeppelin, who released I and II within months of each other), or grinding perfectionists (as with Zeppelin, still working on the follow-up to In Through The Out Door). For restaurateurs going the prolific route, hit Eve

From the owner/exec-chef tandem behind the rustic-chic Tallulah -- opened to acclaim just seven months ago -- Eve's serving an equally impressive, entirely new menu in a chic, not-rustic space decked out with hand-strung Lucite chandeliers, a backlit alabaster bar, and walnut frames festooned with dozens of small mirrors (check yourself out -- that's what Jeff Goldblum thinks of you). Lunch standouts include wild boar ribs w/ plum BBQ sauce & mac 'n' cheese; duck consomme w/ duck rillete pot sticker; and a crawfish po' boy w/ tasso ham, goat cheese, pickled okra, and fried green tomatoes -- if you're forced to watch that flick, the po' boy is you. Dinner starts Nov 5 with the likes of grilled housemade lobster sausage (w/ chanterelles, applewood smoked bacon, maple bechamel), grilled beef tenderloin (w/ horseradish-cheddar croquette, housemade sauerkraut, crab hollandaise), and rack of lamb w/ sheep's milk ricotta dumplings and lamb ragout, fulfilling your darkest desire: 2 ruminants, 1 plate

Booze-wise, Eve sports a massive global wine list, eight bottled beers, and specialty cocktails (orange- & fennel-infused Ketel "Paradise Lost" -- also the poem that inspired the resto's name). For private gorging, there's also a Goodfellas-style loading-dock entrance leading to a 16-seat VIP room complete with WiFi and a 40-inch flat screen -- for when your net-surfing & TV-watching's more prolific than your friend-making.