Adventure Finder

Action-packed vacations can be a pain to line up -- guide operations are spread out, tend to focus on specific territories, and rarely inform you upfront whether Kevin Bacon will hijack your raft and shoot you, or, worse yet, leave you alive with Meryl Streep. Lining your ducks up for you: AdventureFinder

From an established collective of niche travel sites, AF's a specially-organized search engine aggregating thousands of eco-friendly tour operators around the world, helping you quickly and easily determine the best fit for your next "active escape", which no longer requires gnawing your own arm off just to avoid telling...uh...Lisa (?) you'll totally call her. Drilling things down is simple, with the 2500+ destinations filterable in three distinct ways: Destination (hundreds of spots broken down both by general region & specific country), "Who's Going" (i.e., couples, singles, "adults only"), and Activities from Caving and Canyoneering (e.g., a 6-day horseback excursion in Patagonia) to Overland Journeys like an indigenous-host-led 10-day camping trek through the Outback, as if one Blooming Onion wasn't dangerous enough. If you're into saving more than just trees, there's a regularly updated section of tours offering special promotions/discounts, from 35% off an Antarctic Circle Package (traveling via ice-strengthened expedition ship), to 20% off Plantera's "Project Galapagos", where contestants will compete to make the most fetching outfit from endangered sea turtles

For DIYers, there's a complete list of operators who'll let you build out a custom travel plan, and soon they plan to build a tool allowing you to communicate directly with each one, so if someone asks how planning your trip down the River Wild's going, you won't have to answer "It's Complicated".