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Los Angeles

International expeditions can expose you to many things, from mindblowing fauna and exotic cultures to anacondas that don't want none, especially after a monkey-blood-covered Ice Cube kills them with an axe. Adding more stuff to the list that you'd actually want: Reveal.

Reveal's an LA-based accessory maker producing sleek, earth friendly goods, all inspired by a trip the founding couple took through Asia, South America, and Africa -- so three continents, in Toto. All the gear's made w/ sustainable or recylced materials, w/ sweetness including hi-powered ear buds made from bamboo/oxygen-free anodized aluminum and packaged in a bamboo box; a square-shaped, Japanese-core beechwood watch; and a 16-pocket laptop bag made from hemp, plastic bottles, and recycled metal, which finally explains what happened to The Darkness. They've also got a few other bamboo items, including cufflinks, eyeglass frames, and another watch, as well as a quilted-looking E-reader case in beige or black that's made of water bottles that're "post-consumer", meaning people are already done with them, like Dave Coulier.

Reveal's also giving back by planting a tree somewhere in the US each time they sell a product, which provides oxygen to help you breathe -- because everyone knows, if you can't breathe, you can't scream.

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