Original, artsy tees and hoodies in Venice

Going green often means sacrificing aesthetics -- roof-mounted solar panels make your house look pov, and despite being one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood, Ed Begley, Jr's electro-ride has never gotten him laid by anyone other than his wife. Bucking the trend: Sub Urban Riot

Sub Urban's a Venice-based tee and hoodie brand that commissions original, actually cool art for their organic/sustainable crazy-soft cotton wares, then gets all predictable by donating a percentage to environmental charities. Some of the best prints subtly mirror the brand's green aesthetic: "Windstorm" is a side-wrapping mess of windmills, "10 Speed" is a front-and-back print of bicycle silhouettes, and "Solar Panel" features a depiction of variously-sized sun-soaking cells, forcing Ronald Reagan to rise from the grave and rip them right off your shirt. Less-green graphics include an intricate ram's head done in plaid, a disembodied hand flipping the bird next to "I Did My Best Los Angeles" (every failed actor's unspoken message), and "Charlie's Famous Horse", a meticulously airbrushed print of a stallion rearing majestically that was once worn on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia -- leading critics to laud your tee, even as it's widely scorned by the Nielsen audience

SUR's also got stretchy, pocketed solid-colored/printed hoodies, and tanks, including one printed with a single-feathered Native American grasping a club -- which would not be out of place on Begley himself, as he lets the wind whip through his shoulder hair while he zips silently around town.