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Minetta Tavern
World-beating burgers from Keith Mcnally


When Keith McNally took over the 72yr old Minetta space in 2009, he may have installed fresh tile floors, an oak bar, and vampire red banquettes...

...but he took care to ensure his Tavern would still bear the intoxicating aroma of classic New York, retaining the spot's yellowing wall murals, and b&w photos of people remembered only wizened, probably-now-ex-patrons.

Photo: Yaokui
The menu won't shake you from your fever dream of bygone ages, sporting expertly executed, Franco-American offerings like veal carpaccio w/ Burgundy truffles, crispy Berkshire pig trotter, and this dry-aged cote de boeuf for two, abstemiously topped with roasted marrow bones.

Photo: Tummy Diaries
The most notable nosh, though, is the Black Label label burger, a $26 blend of prime, dry-aged Creekstone ribeye, skirt, and brisket that's redolent with musty, barnyard aromas, not to mention caramelized onions. Best bet: drop by latenight ('til 1a) to grab a table and order one off of the bar menu.

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1. Minetta Tavern 113 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012

Situated in Greenwich Village, the Minetta Tavern boasts a classic oak bar, vintage photos on the walls, and a supremely delicious burger (amongst other menu items).

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