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Patty and Bun

When ordering a hamburger, most choices are confined to condiments, like "Do I want Swiss or American?", or "Is the chef special enough to warrant eating his sauce?". Forcing delicious decisions on the meat of the matter, Patty and Bun

Exuding old-school sophistication thanks to understated dark wooden booths and banquettes, a similarly-hued & leather stool'd marble bar, and burnt newspaper print walls obscured by vertical beams, P&B's from a disparately resume'd duo (Follow Me Caffe/Euzkadi) whose tavern-esque menu sports a gooey burger center that demands you to actually think inside the bun. With meat grinding and bun baking going on in house, the standard burger's a pasture-raised beef job rocking pickles/lettuce/tomato/house sauce, but every other patty's unique: sliders get shot through w/ bacon and roasted onions; a three-meat blend Havoc Burger capped with chimichurri Napa cabbage; and a 10oz special "reserve" beef job topped w/ Vidalia onions and optional braised duck/shiitake called the Caddy Paddy -- order it pink and it'll give you Eastwood. Beyond the beef there's a free-range turkey burger stuffed with creminis and topped w/ guac and roquefort or Irish cheddar; a pastured lamb piece smothered in jalapeno sheep's cheese; and two seafood jobs: wild king salmon w/ creamy chardonnay sauce, and BBQ sauce/double smoked bacon topped monk fish, for those devout enough to give up...physical fitness.

There's plenty of non-sammy action as well, including flash-roasted oysters, crab cakes, seared scallops, mac & cheddar/sheep's/goat cheese, and a slew of steaks and chops sourced from DeBragga, whose pedigree's so unassailable only a fool would refuse to eat their meat.