Affordable vino in Greenwood

You should really only borrow money from your dad in dire circumstances, or failing that, any other time you can. From two dudes in the red with dad so they can serve you some, In The Red Café and Wine Bar.

Opened by two former Fuller's employees using cash borrowed from pops, this 1200sqft 42-seat wine spot, housed in the old Hanson's Lamp warehouse, is serving up low-cost sips and Italian-style-eats in a space boasting an exaggeratedly-curved wood-grain bar, and a reclaimed furniture-heavy lounge packed with ornate chandeliers, moss-covered floral arrangements, and two electric fireplaces, as electric slides are only available in 1990s bat mitzvahs. ITR's liquid options range from two dozen mostly Northwest reds (Wines of Substance Syrah, Airfield Estates Cabernet Sauvingon) and whites (Charles Smith's "Eve" Chardonnay, O'Reilly Pinot Gris) available in $5 and $8 pours, to brewed local drafts like Maritime's IPA, and Manny's from Georgetown -- a statement that seems unlikely, given his carefree, child-like attitude and lack of pastel Brooks Brothers polos. Eats are crafted by an Herbfarm vet and include rotating small plates like classic tomato & basil bruschetta, lentil salad endive wraps, and scallop/shrimp ceviche cups, grilled paninis, plus $5 soups and salads, but not breadsticks --cuz when you're here, you're family, but not, like, super close.

ITR plans to open at the crack and serve up Fonte coffees and espressos, and in the future they'll add a private dining room and sidewalk seating for eight out front -- a perfect place to borrow money from dad, as he's not going to make a scene in front of six other people.