5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow This Week: May 23rd Edition

Start your summer off right with some juicy fresh 'gram candy. 

Our friends at Houston-based Manready just opened their first brick and mortar, and it looks freaking gorgeous. They stock a host of American brands alongside their own awesome line of apothecary and leather goods. We’ve long been shameful addicts of their whiskey soaked beef jerky.

If towering cityscapes and urban architecture is your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out self-taught photographer Trashhand. His jaw-dropping shots of Chicago almost kinda make us want to cheat on NYC.

This guy's a watch writer for Gear Patrol and a slew of other sites, but he's also an adventure-traveler-nutjob. Follow all his crazy stunts and see what gorgeous new timepiece he's sporting. 

Design studio? Storefront? Brand strategists? Whatever Partners&Spade actually do, they do it well. Their Instagram’s an appropriately kitschy amalgam of photography, art, and awesome. 

Babes on bikes. What else is there to say?