13 of the world's most impressive holiday gifts

What do you get the man who has everything? You get him even more “everything”, only you make sure the new everything is way better than the everything he already has. And to do that, here’s an impressively upscale gift list including barware modeled from a Bentley, timeless timepieces that’ll have you saying "my eyes are up here" to people who can't stop staring at your sexy, sexy wrist, and... an ejection seat? Buy someone one of these and you’ll be off the hook for any future gifts for, like, forever.

There’s arguably no other name in the watch world with as much clout as Rolex, but the Vintage GMT 1675 rises above even their typical standard of sweetness with Oyster and Submariner clasps and a red-blue “Pepsi” bezel. Bonus points if you gift multiple people with one of these simultaneously and hit 'em with a Spies Like Us "Won't you gentlemen have a Pepsi?".

With 40+ hours a week on the line, where one plants themself in the office is pretty much as important as the bed they sleep in. Kick back in one of these babies with pure aniline leather, solid American white oak, and custom brass buckle fasteners, and you’ll be kicking back in the general air of elegance one would expect of a 16th century aristocrat explorer... probably with a Roman numeral affixed to his name. 

Got a biker on your list who's into the whole "retro-ominous" look? Who doesn't! This super sexy Bullitt Helmet is closely inspired by the original Bell Star design, though despite the minimalist, old-school stylings it packs in 100% modern materials/protection.

How about someone who's not really a biker but wants to pretend? Well the 60-Year is the perfect merger between Bell and Schott, the quintessential brands for helmets and moto jackets respectively. And because the jacket’s made of 100% horsehide, it’ll last for years of riding (or… whatever).

The LG OLED amazes the eyeballs with stark blacks & whites alongside a crazy contrast -- making it an imposing Sunday football machine. Plus, it’s got screen-sharpening OLED tech, giving you “yo, is this real?!” detail. But because things can never be too real, the head-turningly unique curved screen’ll make flicks seem like they’re surrounding you… because they sort of are!

With the weather just starting to bite, any boot-wearing gift receiver will need a pair of feet protectors to trudge through the colder months. And these Brown Pebble kicks are Goodyear-welted with Briar oil slick leather, a cork rubber sole, and a workday look that’ll turn some heads… you know, for reasons other than because you trudged a foot of snow into the office.

You’re an adult, you have files (no, click out of that Finder window, we mean real files). This 100% leather Darrow briefcase has a classic vibe, signature Jack Spade graph lining, and tons of pockets, and is, in turn, the perfect place for all your lucky giftee’s business effects. 

Everyone’s got chairs, and if they're not Gurkha chairs they’re probably nothing to write home about... unless one of’em is this Martin-Baker Aircraft Co ejection seat. Yes, these things were once ejected from an actual airplane 25,000ft up, and have since been cleaned, refurb’d, and left intact with all those handles and doodads you'll clearly need when it's time to violently thrust yourself through your ceiling.

From $950
Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in “Italian-made this and French-designer that”, but Weiss Watch Company proudly brings American-made class to the wrist game. And with the manually wound Caliber 1001, Cordura canvas-strapped, handmade Standard Issue, and the slightly more formal oiled leather-banded Special Issue, Weiss’ field watches cover, well, the whole field of style options.

Next gen systems have been kicking around for about a year now, so this season, the key to a spectacular gaming gift is a bundle. And this one is damn reasonable for $349 with a pretty good title to boot: Sunset Overdrive, which is about 400x as apocalyptic as Twilight Overdrive.

Does one need an axe? It’s debatable, especially when living in a city. Does one need a sick lumberjack wall hanger to impress bearded buds dropping by for a flannel swap? Yep. This one is sturdily forged, hand-painted, and comes with a bridle leather blade guard.

If you’ve got a friend who’s really into showing off their whiskey collection (ugh, Pete, we know, you’ve got the McSwigginstein 470-year mauve label), then you’ll need to buy them a gift their exhaustive collection doesn’t contain: like a genuine deer antler whiskey flight server. Also, now that they have a flight server, they’ll share some of that collection we’re clearly so envious about, as told by that jealous parenthetical up there.

Complete that whole intimidating animal anatomy barware thing with these. You aren’t just giving a super premium pair of whiskey tumblers -- you’re giving the recipient the chance to say “yo, I drink brown liquor from a damn ox’s horn”. And that opportunity's worth at least $89.


Finally. The Bentley of wine decanters. This silver bullet is a super-rare polished chrome-plated radiator grille decanter straight out of the 1960s. Buy it for wine lovers, buy it for car enthusiasts, buy it for general nice stuff wanters.