By su·per com·pres·sor: A patented watch case sealing method developed by manufacturer Ervin Piquerez S.A. The design takes advantage of the increased water pressures below sea level to tighten the case during deep dives. The greater the depth, the greater the pressure, the greater the seal. While we may not be diving into the abyss here at Supercompressor—only on weekends—for the past three months we have been diving into the bleeding edge of technology, gadgets, gear, vices, and rides. It's our mission to bring you the coolest stuff money can buy, and even the priceless stuff that it can't. With that in mind we went back over the past quarter and cherry picked our 44 favorite things and assembled them together in this swanky countdown for you to enjoy. Cheers!


The Supercompressor 44: Volume 2

RIDES THE LANCIA STRATOS ITALIAN SUPERCAR The Lancia Stratos so utterly defined Lancia as a carmaker that the company has never really moved past the long shadow of its greatness. As a rally car, it was a revelation: a mid-engined, rear wheel drive, Ferrari-powered supercar that dominated the international scene to the tune of three consecutive World Championships. To make it eligible for rally, Lancia made just under 500 of them for the street. This is one of them.

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VICE THE CA$H CANNON The hefty and harmless Uzi-esque plastic firearm is good for one, hyper-specific purpose, and that's rapid-firing a stack of loaded greenbacks in whichever direction you aim. Though you'll probably want to stick to bills only, as your generous shower of coinage will most certainly piss off whoever's, uh, entertaining you.

VICE THE BROTASTIC COOLER The Coolest can play music, charge phones, blend drinks, and cool them down. Made by a self-proclaimed "part visionary, part mad scientist," this futuristic Frankenstein was devised as a DIY answer to the age-old question: what else can my cooler do?

RIDES THE FERRARI TESTAROSSA It wasn’t the fastest car Ferarri produced in the 1980s, but the Testarossa was a 400 hp masterclass that embodies everything great about this company. Including its later variants, Ferrari built nearly 10,000 of them, despite a price tag of over $200,000. Greed was good...and very popular.

VICE THE ALCHEMIST'S FOCAL BANGER IPA From The Alchemist—the brewery responsible for Vermont's much sought-after Heady Topper—comes the release of its sequel, Focal Banger IPA. One admiring Beer Advocate post describes the 7% ABV brew as "Incredibly drinkable [and] dangerous, actually."

GEAR BACKROADZ TRUCK TENT Much more convenient than the classic pickup truck camper, the Backroadz Truck Tent will turn your truck into a mobile home, or put your campsite on wheels, depending on your attitude. With four different sizes that fit almost universally—even with accessories—the Backroadz Tent has your standard fiberglass poles, solid ventilation, and waterproof fly, all secured to strong anchor points.

HOME THE OCEANIC ABYSS TABLE The result of a year-long experimentation that was developed in a studio, the finished table is an amalgam of carved wood, Perspex (cast acrylic), and sculpted glass arranged like a 3D topographical map of the deep blue sea, minus the all-star cast led by LL Cool J. It presents a selection of unique views of the ocean's intricacies, whether you're looking at it from the top down or from a cross-sectioned edge.

RIDES ELEANOR, THE GT500 FROM "GONE IN 60 SECONDS" In case you’ve been living somewhere that doesn’t have television, Internet, or Nicolas Cage, Eleanor is the Shelby GT500-esque, souped-up vintage Mustang that magically flew over a few dozen cop cars en route to silver screen immortality.

GEAR TIM HOWARD'S US SOCCER DUFFEL BAG Tim Howard, our goalie and one-time Secretary of Defense, has a new weekender made by our friends at Hudson Sutler. Initially produced exclusively for the US Men's National Soccer Team, the Yanks Weekender Duffel is now being made available to civilians looking to commemorate one of our greatest World Cups ever.

VICE THE SUNSCREEN FLASK Shampbooze may have been effective in high school, but toting a bottle of Pantene to the pool or Bonnaroo isn't exactly a subtle move. Instead of carting around a complex rig of smuggled hooch, why not hide your summer wine in plain sight with the sunscreen flask? Sadly, there is no moonscreen flask.

RIDES THE DODGE CHALLENGER HELLCAT When Dodge first announced the Challenger Hellcat, a couple pretty sweet features were revealed: an extra air-intake hidden behind a headlight and an engine that would produce in excess of 600 hp. Now, they've revealed that it has 707 hp. 707! Math isn't our forte, but we're pretty sure 707 hp is in excess of 600 hp, almost by 107.

VICE GHOST PEPPER RUM HOT SAUCE The infamous pepper is rated at more than 1 million Scoville heat units—as opposed to Classic Tabasco sauce, which ranges anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 SHUs. It's a serious pepper for serious people, so the good folks at NW Elixirs decided to harness this incredible heat with their new Hott Jolokia Ghost Pepper hot sauce.

VICE THE FLESHLIGHT IPAD CASE Our favorite purveyors of know...Fleshlight just came out with the LaunchPAD, a totally revolutionary way to put yourself (literally) in the middle of an adult film by way of a sexily modified iPad case. The LaunchPAD [NSFW, yo] is made of a durable and flexible material that allows you to safely secure your iPad to your Fleshlight. Is this real life? Yes, yes it is.

VICE THE FUMR E-CIG When it comes to the act of smoking intelligently, FUMR damn near wears a prophylactic with their innovative and obsessively clean design. With its patent-pending Ever Clean cap, you can keep your e-cig in your pocket without the threat of dust, bacteria, and germs, which means, by proxy, you’re safe from that stuff.

HOME THE SCOTTISH CLIFF HOUSE This award-winning, single-story, two-bedroom modern home was commissioned by a couple who had purchased the plot of land right above Loch Dunvegan on the northwest coast of the Isle of Skye. The challenge for the architects—Scotland’s Dualchas firm—was to conceive of a structure that could both endure the unpredictable and harsh weather of the region while abiding by the strict zoning constraints that demanded it be low-lying.

RIDES STEVE MCQUEEN’S PORSCHE 917 It surprised no one that when this 600 hp, air-cooled, flat 12 cylinder beast driven by The King Of Cool went up to auction, it went fast.

HOME THE DUAL BREAKFAST SANDWICH MAKER Even if you're not a morning person, get ready to start waking up with half a smile on your face. We just got word that Hamilton Beach is manufacturing a Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Hear that?! It's a machine that makes two (TWO!) breakfast sammies at the same time.

HOME THE SEALANDER CAMPER One parking space. Boat or camper? This classic dilemma that we should all be so lucky to have is rendered moot, neutered by the Sealander, der schwimmercaravan, from Deutchland. Looking like something out of the movie Sleeper, this trailer works auf land and auf wasser, giving you freiheit erleben, or "endless possibilities," as we say here in the States.

GEAR ERIC CLAPTON'S PRE-DAYTONA ROLEX Remember the time that Eric Clapton's Rolex went up for auction? You would if you bought it, along with the luxury of knowing whenever it's After Midnight.

RIDES THE ALL-ELECTRIC DELOREAN You can now straight-up own your own DeLorean (flying converter not included, sadly) that runs entirely on electric power, the conversion undertaken by DeLorean itself. It's no slouch, either, with a top speed of 125 mph and zero-to-60 in less than five seconds.

HOME THE SHARK GUN There's something mythic about the demonization of sharks. Sure, they're dangerous on occasion, but watch Jaws or Sharknado and you'd think they're a threat to the very fabric of society. That's the whole notion behind artist Christopher Schulz's wonderfully weird, weaponized shark sculpture series, currently on display at San Francisco's CK Contemporary gallery.

RIDES THE 2-PERSON QUADSKI XL It was a pretty big deal when Gibbs dropped the Quadski, allowing adventure junkies everywhere to overcome nature’s pesky limitations and enjoy the best of both land and sea. Half Jet Ski, half four-wheeler, this amphibious monster proved awesome in every way but one: with only one seat, it made for a lonely ride. But all that’s about to change, thanks to Quadski’s latest iteration: the XL.

VICE $325 ICE CUBES Are you sick and tired of sipping cocktails made with basic ice? Not satisfied with the cylindrical shape of the bagged variety? Settling for, gasp, ones you've frozen in a normal ice tray? Fret not, because Gläce is here with bags of luxury ice cubes, and they'll ship them to you for a totally reasonable $325.

GEAR THE HOVERBOARD After the McFly hoverboard turned out to be a very elaborate hoax, some dudes from France made it happen for real, using hoses, pumps, and a control interface. It's called the Hoverboard by ZR, and it uses the same technology behind the Flyboard, which you know better as the crazy-water-Ironman-suit-jetpack-thing-with-the-hose.

TECH GRADO E SERIES HEADPHONES Not ready to rest on their laurels as the preeminent supplier of high-end headphones, Grado Labs has just introduced the E Series, a new over-the-ear line that it's calling the most technically-advanced in the company's 60-year history.

GEAR KRAMER'S ASSMAN LICENSE PLATE Yes, you can buy Kramer's ASSMAN license plate. We're not sure what legal loophole made it possible for this to happen, but it did and it's awesome, so we're just going to go with it and not ask why.

TECH MARSHALL'S STANMORE BROWN SPEAKER It's a painfully-overused expression, "Good things come in small packages," but Marshall's new 13x7 inch Stanmore Brown speaker outright proves the point. This compact, active stereo speaker is anything but subtle with its rich sound and ability to blast music without any loss in quality.

RIDES THE CORVETTE-POWERED JET SKI DRAGSTER Meet the V8 Wet Rod: a 300 hp, V8 Jet Ski dragster that's all but guaranteed to blow away anything you come across. In a nutshell, the Wet Rod is a luxurious, 300 hp, two-seat Jet Ski that can hit 65 mph. If that's not enough for you, it's got a waterproof compartment for your luggage, and its own ice box, stored neatly under the seat so you don't arrive at your destination empty handed.

GEAR THE CARTIER DIVE WATCH Everyone knows that Cartier can build watches—they’ve been doing it since the dawn of the 20th century with the iconic Santos watch. But when they dropped The Calibre de Cartier line in 2010, what many consider to be the next logical step for the expanding line, the game changed dramatically.

HOME THE PICNIC LOUNGE BLANKET Measuring 82x107 inches, this oversized Picnic Lounge is as gigantic as it is exotic. Fashioned in the likeness of an oriental rug, this blanket is impervious to the damp ground with its weather-resistant material, and large enough for a family of four to comfortably lounge on.

GEAR GERBER'S DING DONG SLEDGEHAMMER Thor’s hammer “Mjölnir” may or may not have ever existed in Asgård, but Gerber has made something that almost measures up to our mental image of that Norse mythological blacksmithing. It’s called the Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool. Have it, and you’ll never need to knock again.

GEAR PINS FROM PINTRILL With a line of snarky pins ranging from the vastly-underrated "100 points" emoji to every Tweeter's favorite/least-favorite hashtag, "Blessed," Booklyn-based streetwear accessories brand Pintrill keeps their product on the pulse of pop culture by tapping into our inner hype-beast and embracing the irony that attaches itself to Internet culture like barnacles on a sunken ship.

GEAR THE TUMI ALPHA 2 Among other things, these testaments to suitcase excellence are freaking bulletproof, super high capacity (while still fitting in that overhead bin), and super sleek and official looking. You've probably been doing the whole suitcase thing wrong.

GEAR THE BIKE CHAIN KEYCHAIN Removing all the unnecessary mass from the keys' bodies and attaching them to a 10-speed bike chain, TIK streamlines the process of finding the correct key. Since it's based on a chain, it's easy to have a custom length of keys to suit the amount of locks in your life.

HOME THE TRAILER PARK HOME A mobile home may not be at the top of everyone's list when considering building a dream vacation house. Then again, most people don't already own a treasured aluminum Airstream-esque trailer like the folks behind the Locomotive Ranch in Texas.

HOME 'THE KRAMER' OIL PAINT REPLICA Amazon is choc-full of "The Kramer" posters. As you might remember, it is practically standard-issue for a freshman dorm room. But nestled in amongst the crappy inkjets is a replica of the iconic painting done in oils. Assuring us that this painting isn't done by a transfer, printer, or giclee, the listing takes great pains to emphasize that the faithful replicas are executed by the hand of a professional artist.

RIDES THE FORMULA ONE RACE SIMLATOR For just north of $50,000, the British manufacturing company Vesaro will build and assemble the world’s first triple 55-inch OLED screen-equipped simulator system, right in your home. It's a 10 step installation process that brings to life what it’s like to sit in the driver’s seat of a Formula One car—including bumps, shakes, and crashes.

RIDES THE LEGO MINI COOPER LEGO just announced their version of the Mini Cooper, and in so doing, the purveyors of very small bricks that filled your childhood with fun (and occasional foot pain) have taken things to the next level. This is an incredibly detailed kit that's perfect for anyone considering a stop-animation remake of The Italian Job.

GEAR THE WEGNER 16999 SWISS ARMY KNIFE Well, we've just found the most ridiculous Swiss Army Knife of all time. Seriously. The Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife is a monster. Eighty-seven implements, 141 functions, and over 600 reviews on Amazon that show its utter power.

VICE THE BILL MURRAY KOOZIE By featuring an image of America's favorite actor, comedian, freelance therapist, arguable deity, and golfer, this Bill Murray Koozie is one of the best ways to declare your love for Bill and beer all at once. Each neoprene can cooler holds 12 ounces of fluid and sports a handsome-ass portrait of the man who stole our hearts in Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, and more.

GEAR THE NICOLAS CAGE MONA LISA IPHONE CASE Memeskins, a small company from Edinburgh, Scotland, has created what may be the finest iPhone case ever made, taking the art of case-making to an apex previously thought impossible. The case itself is a standard hardshell specimen of impact-resistant plastic. But it serves as a canvas for the most compelling artwork of our time, a Nicolas Cage Mona Lisa.

RIDES THE ROLLS-ROYCE POWERED AEROBOAT The Aeroboat is created by bespoke design firm Claydon Reeves specifically so you can do really awesome things like have “breakfast in Antibes, lunch in St. Tropez, and dinner in Les Hyeres.” It's a super-luxe speedboat, powered by a 2,500 hp Rolls-Royce airplane engine, and they're actually building this thing.

HOME THE LA MARZOCCO MISTRAL COMMERCIAL ESPRESSO MACHINE Shaped like a space ship and more expensive than a new Mustang, the La Marzocco Mistral Commercial Espresso Machine may be built to handle the hustle and bustle behind the scenes in a crowded coffee shop, but it's just itching to strut its sexiness on your countertop, so long as you're willing to pony up the $20,000+ price tag.

RIDES THE ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM DROPHEAD COUPE Meet the Rolls-Royce limited edition Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection. The level of attention to detail on this one is astounding. The paint itself is a special hue of blue designed to pay homage to the famous Bluebird boats that set the world water speed record back in the day. They're so proud of this paint that they've even sprayed the engine.