The Supercompressor Father's Day Gift Guide

These are the things that your father would buy for himself if your father was you.

Steve McQueen's 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 - $A lot, probably
There's cool, there's vintage Ferrari cool, and then there's Steve McQueen's vintage Ferrari cool. For the dad who has everything, Steve McQueen's Bullitt-era Ferrari 275 GTB/4 is for sale via RM Auctions. [More...]

The Bison Airlighter - $99
While a flamethrower is clearly the best way to start up a grill (yes, the general badassness cancels out the gasoline flavor), the Airlighter is a dad-approved option that trumps lighter fluid, electric horseshoe, and the chimney. Unlike the others, it doesn't add a chemical or newspapery taste to the charcoal, and it doesn't take forever to light. [More...]

Yeti Rambler Tumblers - $29.99
Yeti makes some of the finest, most durable coolers out there, and now they've jammed all their insulation wisdom into a cup. These tumblers are made with kitchen-grade stainless steel and double walled vacuum insulation. Because if anyone deserves an ice cold beverage, it's the guy that helped bring you into existence. [More...]

Bulova Marine Star Sport - $299
Staying active yet temporally aware requires a watch band that’s light, won’t tear, is a cinch to clean, and won’t conduct an electric current (sometimes “staying active” means “operating extremely dangerous machinery”). Enter the Bulova Marine Star — and the rubber strap is just the start. Made from a proprietary ceramic blend that’s water resistant to 100 meters, the Star is that ultimate combo of slick, strong, and style-appropriate for almost any occasion. Yes, even operating extremely dangerous machinery.

Revival Cycles' Custom Harley - $Varies 
In a former life, the "Hardley" was a Harley Davidson Sportster 883, but now she, um, hardly looks or behaves like one. Naming puns aside, there's so much innovation going on with the latest build from Austin's Revival Cycles, there's a good chance you won't see a better custom Harley all year. [More...]

iGrill Mini - $40
Whether your old man haphazardly neglects the grill or just hovers obsessively over the coals in anxious anticipation of that perfectly cooked steak, the new iGrill Mini is a wireless temperature monitor that'll sync with a smartphone and send an alert at the precise moment it's time to rescue dinner from the heat. [More...]

The Bear Grylls Card Tool - $31
Bear Grylls has a new survival tool, this time in the shape of a card. Weighing in at only one ounce, it sports a 1.5-inch fixed-blade knife, bottle opener, ruler, a ferrocerium sparking-rod to start fires, an LED light, and a pair of screw drivers. [More...]

iBlock - $125
For the guy who likes to get hi-tech in the kitchen, each solid wood iBlock has a half-inch slot carved into the edge (on either side) for securing an iPad 2 at an optimal viewing angle. [More...]

UEV-440 Trailer - $50,000+
An Australian company named Conquerer just dropped an extreme off-road trailer, and it's potentially the most rugged camper trailer on earth. A must-have if your dad is Crocodile Dundee. [More...]

The ViperKey - $70-200
Give your old man the gift of keyless entry. The ViperKey system replaces a car key or key fob, syncing with your smartphone to automatically unlock the doors as you approach and lock up when you exit. [More...]

Remington 1816 Apparel - $Varies
Remington is the oldest company in America still making its original product (guns and ammo, of course), but recently they've branched out to apparel and gear. Combining their wild west heritage with a modern touch, the Remington 1816 line is a perfect blend of utilitarianism and understated style. Dad or no dad, there's good stuff for everyone here, like this Shotgun Shell Belt ($75). [More...]

The Lion Mane Pet Wig - $12
So this isn't exactly for your dad (we hope). But it's perfect for the dad who's always expressed interest in dressing up your beloved family canine like a jungle cat. Hey, if you're okay with it, we're okay with it. [More...]

Monkey 47 Gin - $63
From the Black Forest of Germany, this 47% ABV handcrafted gin has a subtle woody body and comes in a medicinal-looking bottle with a label akin to a 1920s postage stamp. It's the kind of dashing bottle that he'll feel guilty for opening. [More...]

Ghurka's Campaign Furniture Collection - $Varies
A nod to the badass dudes who explored Asia and Africa at the turn-of-the-century, Ghurka's Campaign Furniture Collection consists of seven leather and wood pieces made with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, including a lounger, ottoman, desk, and bar cart. [More...]

CarbonLite Tools - $139
Every father needs the ultimate set of tools. These carbon fiber wrenches are extremely strong while being insanely light; a complete set of five weighs in at just 6.7 ounces. [More...]

F**king Strong Coffee - $16.89
How strong is this coffee? Stronger than a grizzly bear with robot arms? Stronger than a diamond sword encased in concrete? Stronger than the unbreakable bond between father and son? That last one got too real — just buy this f**king coffee. [More...]

Logitech Case [+] - $200
Cobbling together all the best features of the greatest iPhone cases on the market, the Case [+] packs in an external battery pack and integrated mounting system, plus a fabric card and cash stash — effectively rendering your dad's pocket-busting wallet useless. [More...]

Shwood Fifty/Fifty Titanium Sunglasses - $185
For the too-hip dad, Portland-based experimentalists Shwood made sunglasses out of old Louisville Slugger bats, and now they've expanded their repertoire with these good lookin' vacuum-plated titanium and walnut frames. [More...]

Humidor Notes - $20
When your pop wants to try out a new stogie, the Humidor pocket notebook is the perfect companion to record the taste, look, and smell of that memorable cigar. Each notebook includes glue dots for attaching cigar bands, a built-in ruler, and a cigar ring gauge guide. [More...]

Mid-life Crisis Silk Handkerchief - $105
What better way to celebrate your father's questionable life choices than with a limited-edition Mid-Life Crisis Silk Handkerchief, crafted from English silk by the very dapper Turnbull & Asser. We sincerely hope, assuming your dad has already skipped town with his mistress, that he hasn't gone too far — a fine accessory like this shouldn't go unappreciated. [More...]