Reservation only club is well worth the admission

Hitting Hamptons clubs is best done early in the summer -- when memories of last year's hassles are still faded, and you haven't yet lazily christened your share's pool "Club Splish". Get your Memorial pimp on at Lily Pond.LP's a 7,000sq ft, reservations-only, valeted clubopolis from the guys behind shuttered standbys Stereo and PM, who decided to abandon Manhattan's West Side for the Jitney-Packing District. Facilities-wise, LP's got you both indoors and out: a rolling landscaped lawn dotted with tropical themed, temperature and volume-controlled cabanas, plus an interior w/ gold foil walls, French crystal chandeliers, and antique over-sized banquettes (which'll be commandeered by the Hamptons' nightlife underclass, Banquette Surfers). As for drinks, they're pushing bottle service, but the bar'll also be mixing seasonals like the Grey Goose Pear/mint/lime/soda "Lily Mojito", and the tequila/lemon/sugar/soda "Inocente Lemonade" -- a sip and you'll say, "Oops, I drank it again -- I'm not that Inocente".

LP offers food, with a refreshingly focused menu: nothing but kobe sliders from the neighboring Kobe Club, which is exactly what you'd be eating at Club Splish, minus the Kobe. And napkin. And plate.