Denver Might Let People Smoke Weed Inside Restaurants

Published On 09/21/2015 Published On 09/21/2015

Aside from in foreign countries and a handful of American states, the act of having a cigarette alongside your burger or beer in 2015 is all but a distant memory. Smoking pot in a public place, on the other hand, is a luxury that no one—save for a few ballsy individuals—has ever experienced. 

That could all change, though — at least in Colorado. According to a recent NPR broadcast, public officials in Denver are considering a "pot club ordinance" that could grant residents and tourists the freedom to light up a sticky-icky bowl of weed inside restaurants and bars. While it's fully legal to purchase marijuana (if you're over the age of 21) in Denver, consuming the drug in public or in “social clubs” and “coffee shops” is still very much illegal and can be met with a hefty citation. 

While there's nothing set in stone yet, the hope is to give tourists and residents a safe and fun atmosphere to smoke up and cut down on the 1,000 public consumption citations Denver's police department handed out last year. We think it's a brilliant idea, especially at restaurants that serve delicious, crunchy appetizers. The spike in demand for mozzarella sticks would be through the roof. Through the roof to freakin' outer space, people. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and is holding out for the type of bar that lets people bring in outside Chinese food. It just makes sense, right?



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