6 Exercises to Help You Lose Weight -- With Absolutely Zero Running


Many people trying to lose weight default to the most vanilla workout possible: running. What's worse, some of these people don’t enjoy running at all -- they just drag themselves through it because it's a “good workout.”

But is running really one of the best ways to get in shape? Science tells us no! In fact, research shows that unless you're performing high-intensity interval training protocols like sprints or running hills, you're not going to maximize your fat burn potential from steady-state cardio like running alone.

There are many other exercise options that can torch major calories and give you more of a metabolism boost compared to running. Case in point: the following six workouts that can help you smash serious fat, without ever having to hit pavement. Plus, these are exercises you might actually enjoy!


Jumping rope

Kicking things off is my personal fave: jumping rope! Jumping rope challenges your endurance, strength, balance, and coordination all at the same time. At a moderate pace, you can easily burn about 15 calories a minute, according to the American Heart Association. Add that up, and by jumping rope for 35 minutes a day, you could easily shed 1 pound a week without even changing your diet!

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Simple kettlebell swings can yield a serious calorie burn, especially if you’re not already in shape. The movement and momentum of kettlebell swings can really tax your body's largest muscles (your back and leg muscles), all while sending your heart rate into overdrive. End result: An adult man or woman can torch approximately 20 calories per minute doing simple kettlebell swings.

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Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an amazing total-body workout. I also think it's one of the coolest ways to shed calories (nearly 500 in just a half hour) because you get to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie while singing the Mission Impossible theme in your head.

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Rowing is also a great trainer for your arms, abs, legs, and back, and you can easily ratchet up your intensity for more calorie burn. Most gyms have one or two rowing machines, and they're almost never being used. This means that, unlike the treadmill, you won’t have to wait in line just to get started.


Battling ropes

Battling ropes are another piece of fitness equipment that you'll often find tucked away in a corner collecting dust. By looks alone you wouldn’t think that a battling rope could do much for calorie burn... until you try whipping these ropes for 30 to 60 seconds straight, when you’ll discover that your eyes may be bigger than your biceps.



Like kettlebells, burpees can be incredibly taxing to the body, which means you'll also get a great calorie burn. Burpees are also awesome because you can do them anywhere -- like in your tiny dorm room or office space. On top of that, an American College of Sports Science review suggests that high-intensity interval training is better for your heart than low- or moderate-intensity exercise (i.e., jogging). Yet another bonus!

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Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D. is a certified Sports Medicine Specialist and the creator of women’s FitBeauty products for healthy hair and body. Find Dr. Phoenyx on her website and Youtube Channel where she shares her passion for all things fitness, natural beauty, and awesomely healthy living!