The Best Butt Workouts on YouTube

Even though 2014 was declared the Year of the Butt (and, oddly enough, so was 2015), butts have been a thing since way before Sir Mix-a-Lot revealed he liked big ones back in 1992. So it makes sense that firming, toning, and plumping the derriere is oft desired, and can be achieved with some simple exercises (or not-so-simple implants, which are totally a thing but not exactly advisable). 

And it's not just for aesthetics; a toned and strong gluteus maximus can improve posture and athletic performance. If you're not so comfortable going to the gym and doing a full-on butt workout, try one of these YouTube workouts. The best part is that almost all of these targeted moves can be done without fitness equipment, and in just a few minutes.

Five minutes to a bigger, rounder butt

Big butts are all the rage, and apparently all it takes is five minutes to get one! OK, you might have to do this routine a liiiiittle more than that, but a few minutes several times a week is totally doable. If the comments are any indication, people started seeing results in no time. Just not without some soreness. 

Lift & tone booty routine with Katrina Hodgson 

The Tone It Up girls have made a name for themselves with their super-popular workout videos, and this booty routine from Katrina is no exception. The ocean in the background make it look so peaceful, but the lunges and fire hydrants really work your muscles. All you need is a mat (or beach towel) and less than 15 minutes. 

No-equipment butt & thigh workout

This equipment-free routine is repetitive, but effective. Starting out with jumping jacks and high knees to warm up, it goes right into squats and bridges. The full video is around 15 minutes, which is plenty of time to get in a burning butt-and-thigh workout. Just make sure you play your favorite songs throughout; the fitness model, Tamra D, is pretty quiet with no background music.  

Sixty-second at-home butt & thigh workout

Some of these glute workouts take more than 10 minutes, but Adam Rosante shows you how to do super-targeted moves in just 60 seconds. He goes through four specific exercises which can be repeated as many times until you really feel fatigued. With detailed tutorials and explanations, nailing the form should be as simple as hitting play on the video. 

30-day butt lift

This butt lift video uses some simple equipment such as hand weights and a chair, but it super effective at targeting your glutes and hamstrings for optimal perkiness. This video is the first in a series from BeFiT, so to maximize results, check out the others and repeat for 30 days. 

Booty-building glute workout

These glute-targeting moves are perfect if you're already comfortable using gym equipment and want to incorporate some butt workouts into your routine. Using the Smith machine, cable machine, and weighted barbell, these exercises will tone, strengthen, and grow your butt muscles. 

Victoria's Secret Angel butt workout

There's no guarantee that this video will actually give you a lingerie model's butt, but with plenty of donkey kicks, squats, and bridges, you'll definitely be sore the next day. The 13-minute-long video also has no breaks, so be prepared to feel the burn. 

Quick-burn booty & thighs workout

Lunges and bridges not your thing? This video from the fitness channel Blogilates does tons of variations on squats, including quick isometric moves for a deep burn. You're on your feet the entire time, so there's no temptation to rest while lying down. In under seven minutes, you'll work your butt and legs. Hard.  

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Christina Stiehl is a Health and fitness staff writer for Thrillist who needs to start doing these workouts ASAP. Follow her on Twitter @ChristinaStiehl.