A Poop-Themed Gift Guide for Your Least-Mature Friends

poop gift guide
Nina Gonzales/Thrillist
Nina Gonzales/Thrillist

All humans poop, whether they like to talk about it or not. Of course, there are those people who absolutely love to talk about their bathroom habits and are prone to oversharing.

Whether or not you appreciate toilet humor, finding the perfect gift for someone who does will always be a hit. Here are 12 perfect gifts that range from practical to ridiculous for your loved ones who love poop.

This is the way to get people to believe that you actually do poop flowers. The spray creates a film over the water that prevents odor from escaping the bowl, so it stops the smell rather than attempting to cover it up. No need to use an entire bottle of Febreze after you go.

This one is very affordable, but also very useful, because everybody uses toilet paper (or at least I hope they do). I can't speak to how soft it is, but I do know that it's sure to give people a smile during bathroom breaks.

This little guy is made by Brooklyn-based pin brand PINTRILL. Hands down, this is the most subtle, chic way to wear poo. At under 1in by 1in, the metal enamel pin is perfect to stick into the lapel of a leather jacket or onto a backpack.

Give a new meaning to the phrase "shit head" with this beanie. A knit cap is a classic holiday gift, perfect for the winter time. Jazz it up by gifting a hat with a patch featuring everyone's favorite emoji.

Here's another spin on a classic holiday gift, because socks certainly do not have to be boring! They're available in sizes for women and men, and the styling possibilities are endless.

Despite the name, the book is actually quite informative! With commentary from real-life doctors, you'll learn things you never knew about your bowels. This is a perfect book to set atop the back of your toilet for guests to read when they make a pit stop in your restroom.

There's nothing shittier than having a dead phone. This power bank is certainly a unique way to charge it. You can also use it to charge digital cameras, GoPros, and video game controllers. It comes in rainbow (unicorn poop?) or classic brown.

A soft poo pillow makes for the perfect addition to any type of home. The brown will go with all neutral color palettes! Add a humorous touch to your living room couch, or cuddle it at night in like a stuffed animal.

It's a known scientific fact that coffee can truly have a laxative effect... sometimes suddenly. At times it can seem like this happens after a few sips. Celebrate the phenomenon by having your morning cup of joe in this mug.

What else can go in a toilet bowl? Alcohol, apparently. Be the life of the party by presenting these to drink out of rather than a boring old shot glass.

Everyone knows that the presentation of a gift is just as important as the gift itself. So whether you're giving someone one of these presents or something much more... normal, you can use this wrapping paper to spruce it up.

Perhaps the silliest gift has been saved for last. A giant, soft, cozy onesie is perfect for the ultimate toilet humor aficionado. He or she will get to be ridiculous and stay warm at the same time! Bam.

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Ashley Laderer is a writer and poop gift enthusiast. Follow her @ashley_unicorn.