Hung Over? Scientists Discovered The Best Songs for You.

How was your weekend, tough guy? Tie one on too hard, and now you can't blink without dry heaving? 

Well, if the bacon, egg, and cheese ain't cuttin' it, there might be another way to help. In a recent article on Mic, a playlist was devised based a series of surveys that looked at the types of music one can listen to to beat the symptoms of a hangover. 

For example, listening to music associated with a happy memory can take your mind off a headache, while "upbeat, cheerful music of composers like Aaron Copland can combat emotional distress," and songs with a "slow tempo and low tones" will put you to sleep. 

Based on the combined studies, a master equation put together the following playlist to beat your hangover to death. With Sufjan Stevens and Miles Davis chilling in your ears, your hangover certainly won't go away completely, but this playlist will at least help you want to die less.  

However, if you're a true masochist and relish the pain of a hangover as a form of erotic torture, you could forego this playlist and just listen to 24 hours of Nyan Cat. Guys, it's still funny!

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and would like to hear your hangover cure suggestions via twitter: @CandyandPizza