A Gentleman's Guide to Clean Balls

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Here is a fact of life: some guys have smelly balls. You may be one of them! It's really OK, everyone has something. Some folks have stanky feet, some have hair that grows in weird places, others suffer from chronic flatulence.

If you're a person who has fragrant testicles, or experiences ball smell on a more seasonal basis, there are a few easy things you can do to cut back on, or eliminate entirely, that embarrassing smell.

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Give 'em a scrub

It's common for people to slack a bit when it comes to scrubbing themselves in the shower, which is why it's good to start with this kind of "no shit, Sherlock" point about testicular care. For those who experience a generalized problem with smelly balls, or if it's something you deal with during the warmer months, taking the time to give the area a thorough washing will help a great deal.

Use a good soap, preferably one that's not overly perfumed --  bar soaps like unscented Ivory Snow or Dove are good choices, as formulas with a lot of extra stuff like fragrances and dyes can irritate sensitive skin. So, the more basic the better when it comes to soap choices. Using a washcloth or other type of shower scrubber will also go a long way in getting your boys as clean as possible. Be sure to rinse well while you're in there, as lingering product residue can cause itchiness and odor.

Get them dry -- and keep them dry

As anyone who suffers from this particular smell issue during the summer months knows, moisture is one of the primary culprits when it comes to ball smell. Toweling off after your shower, as well as giving yourself a minute or two to air dry post-toweling, before you put your drawers on, is a good place to start when it comes to moisture management. Using a powder like Gold Bond or King Talc will also help to keep things dry throughout the day.


Grooming and sartorial choices

Because pubic hair traps moisture, an especially bushy bush can contribute to your odor problem. Trimming the hair can help, though the decision to do so is a pretty personal one that no one should feel is being dictated to them.

If you do choose to clip your pubes, a beard trimmer outfitted with a beard attachment will allow you to easily zip through the area without having to worry about taking too much off or, yikes, nicking something.

Underwear can play a big role in the development of ball sweat, so you may want to try a new style if you're really having a problem down under. Choose a material that breathes well, like cotton, and a style that is neither too loose nor too restrictive (boxer briefs get high marks).

One last thing

If, after adopting a more thorough washing and drying routine, using an absorbent powder and switching to a different style of undergarment, you're still experiencing a problem with testicular odor, go see a doctor. There's probably nothing major wrong with you, but you may have developed a fungal infection and you should get that checked out.
Fungal infections, despite how gnarly they sound, can be treated quite easily, so go get it dealt with. Your balls will thank you.

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Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert who, despite not having a set of balls herself, spends a lot of time thinking about how to properly care for them. Follow her: @joliekerr.