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Personal trainer Kelly Coffey lost 150lbs and kept it off, but while she had a goal in mind and achieved it, there were few things that DIDN'T surprise her along the way. 

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Exercise plays an important role in overall health, but sometimes dietary changes make more of a difference than any rigorous workout regimen. 

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The ketogenic diet is quickly gaining popularity among those looking to lose weight, in no small part because it calls for an extremely high-fat diet. Here's one writer's story of successfully dropping weight on the diet. 

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Intermittent fasting has also skyrocketed in popularity recently; various protocols ask you to go several hours, or even days, without food. One writer describes her three years (!) losing and maintaining weight as an intermittent faster.

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Giving up sugar is one of the best changes you can make if you're trying to drop weight. Here's why.

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After many failed attempts at losing weight, the writer found a strategy that worked, in the process pinpointing why so many others failed.

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Most stories of weight loss neglect to include the most important part: How the weight was gained in the first place. Often it can help with the process of shedding pounds. 

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The idea of losing weight is so appealing to some that it can inspire wild fantasies. Here are some common myths you shouldn't believe. 

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Want just the essential, down-and-dirty tips from people who have lost 50lbs or more? Look no further.