Now You Have to Worry About Weed Dick, Not Just Whiskey Dick


Whiskey dick is the biological equivalent of winning the lottery, only to have the winning ticket disintegrate in your hands. It's securing the most delicious donut in the world, only to have your teeth fall out before you bite it. It's real, and it's decidedly un-spectacular. 

As if that weren't enough to worry about, another widely used intoxicant is leading to the same romantic pitfalls as your favorite spirits; it turns out marijuana can make you limp, flaccid, and sexually incompetent. It'd be much cooler if it didn't, right?

According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a sex educator who wrote a piece on the topic for Playboy, recent animal studies have shown that cannabis can negatively affect certain receptors in erectile tissue (that's in the penis, guys), and individuals who blaze every day, are approximately three-times as likely to develop erectile disfunction than those who abstain all together. 

But there is some silver lining to all this gray, stoners: none of this information has been thoroughly proven, and some substantial caveats exist beneath the (not so hard) stats. First off, there are different kinds (strains) of marijuana, that produce noticeably different responses, and reactions vary immensely from person-to-person. As you've probably noticed (or, as some of you less-respectable friends might have told you), everyone acts differently when smoking -- some people will laugh at anything, some people ponder their own existence, and some people even think they're going to die. Despite the facts and stats listed, Lehmiller admits more consideration is needed on the subject, before a definitive conclusion can be drawn. 

Considering Snoop Dogg's string of album titles and songs choices -- it must not a problem for every toker. 

h/t Playboy

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