Happy Friday! Every Swimming Pool Is Full of Pee

It's Summer Friday! Time to enjoy the last few weeks of the season by ducking out of the office early, pouring yourself a cocktail, and taking a refreshing dip into a bacteria-ridden, diarrhea-causing urine bath. That's right -- swimming pools are much grosser than anyone thought, because everyone pees in the pool. Everyone. Enough to make 30 to 80mL of pee per person in every pool. You're welcome.

"But that's why you treat pools with chlorine," you might say, "to kill all the gross pee stuff." 


Chlorine actually makes things worse, as shown by a new video from Reactions. Urine contains urea, and when it reacts with chlorine, it creates trichloramine, which is what gives pools that trademark scent. So if you "love the smell of pools," you actually love the smell of pee. Sorry.

Trichloramine is also is linked to respiratory issues such as asthma. A real problem for regulars and actual competitive swimmers who, you know, need their lungs to perform. Watch for yourself here:

Oh, and there's also lots of poop in the pool, too. Maybe you're better off investing in a pocket shower

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Christina Stiehl is a Health and Fitness Staff Writer for Thrillist who has never, ever peed in a pool. Follow her: @ChristinaStiehl.