Man Builds Prosthetic Leg Out of LEGOs

Oh, when you were 11 you built a pirate ship out of LEGOs complete with a walking plank? That's cute. Marc Cronin created an entire prosthetic leg with his daughter's LEGOs while waiting for his permanent one to be created. The 32-year-old from England, who had his leg amputated due to diabetes complications, posted his creation on Reddit, and it's as impressive as it sounds.

He also used the platform as a warning to what can happen to someone who is living with untreated diabetes.

Although the leg is sturdy enough for him to stand on, Cronin can't use it to walk. Remember how awful it was when you misplaced just one tiny LEGO piece and your entire creation came toppling down? He told The Telegraph it just seemed like a fun idea when he was playing with the toys with his wife and their daughter. And he was right! It's about as fun as you can make any amputation.

"I didn't glue it together because I didn't want to ruin my daughter's LEGO," he told the publication. "It is currently standing in the corner of the living room like a piece of art." While waiting for his actual prosthetic to be created, which should be done by the end of September, Cronin has had an incredibly positive outlook after his procedure. 

Cronin isn't letting his diabetes, amputation, or the lame Reddit puns get him down, and he's living up to that old saying: when life gives you LEGOs, make a LEGO leg. 

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Christina Stiehl is a Health and fitness staff writer for Thrillist who is impressed when people can make anything out of LEGOs. Follow her on Twitter @ChristinaStiehl.