Dramatic Before & After Pics of People Who Have Lost 100 Pounds or More

before and after weight loss pics
Oren Aks/Thrillist

Losing any amount of weight takes an incredible amount of focus and determination, and a willingness to pause your Netflix binge and get your ass on the treadmill. For these people who lost 100 or more pounds, the results are so jaw-dropping, you have to see it to believe it.

Major props to these people who completely transformed their lives through lots of sweat, and probably some tears. They may even inspire you to make some lifestyle changes... or at least trade in your bag of chips for baby carrots. Here are some of the most badass Instagrammers killing it in the weight-loss game -- and if you're looking to become one of them, this is how you get started

They fell in love with fitness


A photo posted by Jill (@fitjill1129) on


A photo posted by Isaac Rivera (@rsaki0708) on


A photo posted by Tessa (@tessasweightlossjourney) on

And totally transformed their lifestyles


A photo posted by Richard G (@richgetshealthy) on

They look and feel like totally new people


A photo posted by Lauren Doyal (@lauren_e_d_13) on


A photo posted by Ang 💋 (@sleevedang) on


A photo posted by Candace McBride (@candacefaye14) on


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Some even had a partner to lose with


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