7 Things You Already Love That Can Help You Lose Weight

Published On 04/23/2016 Published On 04/23/2016
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Somewhere between hamstering on the treadmill and emptying your refrigerator, you realize that sweating it out to drop a few pounds isn't all that much fun.

Luckily for you, there are weight-loss hacks that you're more likely to enjoy than a day of green juice. So get ready to enjoy shedding the pounds. You're welcome.

Having sex

OK, so telling your partner, "Let's have sex so I can lose weight!" may dampen the mood, but it might be just the hack you need -- sex is exercise, and could burn more calories than moderate jogging, especially if you're really going at it.

Sleeping in

After that romp in the sack, you'll be ready to lose more weight with a nap, since there's a pretty solid link between poor sleep and obesity. Sleep deprivation is associated with hormonal disturbances that can cause you to overeat, which leads to all sorts of nasty health consequences, including (duh) weight gain.


Eating nuts

While they can be high in calories, eating nuts may speed fat loss and improve health, mostly because it's fun to eat nuts! Well, the scientists say nuts "enhance palatability and nutrient quality without posing a threat for weight gain," but what they mean is that nuts taste great and won't make you fat.

Catching a comedy show

Not only is laughter the best medicine, it's (one of) the best nonsurgical procedures to help you lose weight. Laughter increases energy expenditure, but it only counts if it's genuine, out-loud laughter. Yes, you literally have to LOL if you want to lose weight.

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Eating chocolate

How could something so good get such a bad reputation? Most commercial chocolate, especially milk chocolate, is loaded with sugar, but cocoa has loads of health benefits on its own. It can improve insulin resistance -- important for controlling weight -- and has all sorts of trace minerals and flavonoids, which are good for cardiovascular health.

Eating avocados

They're not just for guacamole, though that's not a bad way to eat them -- according to experts, they're great for keeping you satiated after eating them. Spread the green stuff on bread as a butter substitute, or even add it to pasta and salads.

Drinking wine after working out

Cheers, since you may be doing this already! Drinking wine gives you a dose of resveratrol, which could help boost your exercise performance, and on its own might be a good-enough weight-loss aid to justify that wine-tasting trip. So grab your favorite running buddy, go for a jog, and then grab a bottle to enjoy as your post-workout reward.

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Carson Quinn is a writer based in Indianapolis. She starts the day with a bit of chocolate, ends it with running & wine, and everywhere in between laughs at her own jokes... which explains a lot. Follow her on Twitter: @NewsCarson.



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