People Who Lost a Bunch of Weight Reveal the One Change That Helped Them

weight loss crystal ball
Jason Hoffman/Thrillist

Losing weight can seem like a complicated mix of nutrition, caloric math, hymns in praise of the weight gods, exercise, secret government experiments, and blind luck. In reality, it usually just boils down to one or two big lifestyle habits that, with consistency, make those extra pounds melt away.

This is good news! For most people, it's easier to focus on a few lifestyle shifts than it is to try a complete overhaul. Take these Redditors, for example. Some have lost 20lbs, others 50, and one guy lost a whopping 198lbs -- in this thread, they cite the one or two biggest changes that helped them drop their unwanted weight. 

Swap out soda for flavored, unsweetened tea

Adopt a dog you'll need to exercise 

Skip breakfast if early-morning meals don't agree with you

Opt for raw veggies as a healthy snack

Watch your carbs and simple sugars

Don't bring temptation foods into the house

Track every calorie (pro tip: MFP = MyFitnessPal)

Skip the sugar in your coffee

Eat to fit your schedule, not anyone else's

Cut back on alcohol and caffeine 

Learn to cook for yourself like a damn adult

Only eat when you're hungry

Resist going back for seconds 

Plan all your meals

Get your greens in any way necessary

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Christina Stiehl is a Health and fitness staff writer for Thrillist who now has another reason to get a dog. Follow her @ChristinaStiehl.