You're Definitely Washing Your Hands the Wrong Way

Washing your hands is a simple task. You do it every day, multiple times a day (hopefully). But guess what? You're probably doing it wrong, every time. 

The Sklar Brothers, hosts of the YouTube series You're Doing it Wrong, took the time to show the world exactly how you're screwing up every time you hit the sink. They've got disturbing facts for you, too: only 5% of people wash their hands sufficiently, 23% don't use soap (do you think it's just there for show?), and 10.3% don't even bother washing their hands at all. Gross, guys. 

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YouTube/You're Doing it Wrong

There you have it: WASH YOUR FINGERS! Let's make this world a less germy place.

But first, I'm gonna go stock up on Purell.

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Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He doesn't want to touch anyone again, ever.