Weed Is Now Legal in Oregon

It's October, (unless you're reading this late) fall is in the air, Halloween is close, and Oregon just became the third U.S. state to legalize marijuana. As if the state needed another route to quirkiness, it now has the soon-to-be-booming marijuana industry to fuel its fire.

Like most states and countries with lax weed laws, there will still be some strict rules in conjunction with the new law. Oregon.gov's FAQ page provides much-needed answers.

1. Only one quarter-ounce of dried leaves and flowers may be purchased by a retail customer in one day.

2. No concentrates, extracts, edibles, topicals and other marijuana products may only be sold to OMMP patients and caregivers.

3. Dispensaries cannot give away, provide free samples or otherwise give or share any marijuana products, including concentrates, extracts, edibles and topicals to retail customers, inside or outside of the dispensary.

Oregon residents are also allowed to keep up to four (!!!) plants or eight ounces of weed at home, as long as it's kept out of view, smoking weed outdoors is illegal, and, most importantly, driving while stoned is not allowed. So—there is still some red tape—but like all weed-based red tape, there's a silver lining. Well, it's more of a green lining.

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Jeremy Glass is a news writer for Thrillist and documented the first time he got high in a notebook and posted it online.