This Map Charts San Francisco's Pesky Public Pooping Problem

Published On 10/12/2015 Published On 10/12/2015
Screenshot via CartoDB

San Francisco is going to crap -- quite literally. With just 28 24-hour public toilets in the city, SF's 800,000 residents have only a handful of options available to them when nature makes an untimely call. Add a huge amount of homeless to the mix and this becomes a really shitty situation.

Coming across a human turd in the streets of SF has become so common that last year, someone created a map to show fecal hot spots throughout the city. But this week, William Mees, who bills himself as an "intrepid data explorer by day, consummate sycophant by night, just-kinda-alright friend in-between," released a new map that delves deeper into the annals of SF's fecal history to show the rise in public pooping since 2008.

The Tenderloin and The Mission have traditionally been the epicenter of the problem, with spurts of activity elsewhere. But as the gap between poor home-seekers and rich loft-dwellers continues to increase, so spreads the poop. The Tenderloin's lack of control is slowly seeping into the more affluent SoMa and Mid-Market. 

Take a look at this stinking data for yourself, and watch the poop-splosion spread:


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