HiDefSpex Sunglasses

Wearing your day-to-day light-blockers during outdoor sports is tantamount to playing rugby in loafers. See more clearly with HiDefSpex sunglasses.HDS established their bona fides making eyewear for professional and amateur marksmen -- men with eagle eyes, steady trigger fingers, and age-inappropriate subscriptions to Boys' Life. From there they branched out to design view-optimized sport-specific specs for golfing, fishing, sailing, and looking like you fly jets. Each frame style can be mixed-and-matched with any of their 11 lens types, ranging in color/light permeability from 15% (for bright sun) to 99% (for overcast conditions/basement sex dungeons). Courtesy of patented color-enhancing technology, whichever lens you choose'll maximize contrast and sharpen your view, in much the same way HDTV enhances your shameful WNBA voyeurism.As a bonus to the hardcore gun enthusiast, HDS lenses are even bulletproof, as evidenced by their online videos of trajectory rejections. Thus you're guarded not only from the glares of the sun, but also projectiles -- though unfortunately, HDS offer no protection whatsoever from the scrumming thugs intent on cracking your skull because of your dapper yet unorthodox rugby footwear.