Hillcrest gets exclusive Italian duds

There's just no way San Diegan style can keep pace with Italian style...seriously: Rainbows are tough to run in, and those Vespas get up to at least 6, 7mph. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, at Stile Italiano.

Opened by a recently transplanted internationally exhibited sculptor from Naples, Stile's a limited-run boutique stocking exclusively contracted surprisingly affordable Italian designer labels, the space decorated with (purchasable!) Italian oil paintings, and a flatscreen'd coffee lounge rocking a shag throw rug stamped with the Italian flag, a suggestion that wearing their clothes will get you boot-y. A fit-spitting "stylist concierge" will help you sift through imported classiness like long-sleevers (topping out at $70) ranging from stretch-cotton button-downs (that change shade from different angles) to a black dressy piece w/ a faux-skinny tie, full suits for $260, pants ranging from textured linen to jeans, all manner of manccessories (ties/cuff links/wallets/messengers), and Primo Emporio fedoras/news boys for a paltry $25 -- all kept cheap to "make a difference in fashion, not make money", bravely risking becoming the next Derelicte. Designer jacketry includes a wood-buttoned Members Only-looking number, a perforated leather/heavy nylon motorcycle-style zip-up, and a selection of $160 plaid-or-solid, oft elbow-patched Langella blazers, which unlike Frank Langella blazers, actually stand up to Frost.

They're also offering free language lessons every Sunday (at 11:30) to teach customers to converse like an actual Italian, instead of just keeping it SD-style and getting Rosetta Stone'd.