Hipster Bingo

Old people love to pass the time with games, from gin rummy, to shuffleboard, to pretending they forgot their grandchildren's names just to mess with them and eventually have a good laugh. That's what you're doing, right Grandpa? Right? For old people's favorite game of all, in a format you'll never forget, download Hipster Bingo

From a "messy" Austin, TX DJ who got the idea from his gf, the Hipster Bingo app provides skinny-jeaned, night-sunglassed catharsis by letting you capture photos of hipper-than-thou offenders and share them with your friends on Facebook en route to knocking off squares, which is exactly what the hipsters want you to do. Start a new game to get a 5x5 bingo card loaded with the tools of the un-mainstream, and whenever you see someone doing/wearing/whatevering said stuff, slyly snap a pic, and the app'll auto-upload it to FBook so friends can comment, and also put it in place of the icon on the board so you know you scored (note: will not work if you're named Juwan Howard). Boards have a rainbow unicorn as the middle "free" space, and're dotted with spottable fun like super-deep v-necks, fixed gear bikes, pitbull puppies, vintage cameras, fanny packs, PBR, and "50% bangs, 50% face", also how to describe Templeton Peck on one of his crazy sex romps

Right now the app's only on the Steve Jobs-made tool of the devil hipsters themselves, but Android and Windows 7 versions are on the way, and spottable stuff's going to be frequently updated, just like Papa has to be on...well, everything.