Food & Drink


Though stressful, a last-minute change in direction can drastically improve an offering -- a grinding drama can be reedited into a sprightly romantic comedy, while a grinding presidential bid can be reedited into a sprightly "go girl!" to Jane 6-Pack. Proving change can be for good: Bardot.

In the old Spider Club spot, Bardot was slated to open weeks ago, but the owners had a last-minute moment of "F this" and commissioned the Green Door's designers to give the already completed space a total overhaul. The result: a sprawling "Venetian salon", with a banquetted, outdoor dining terrace festooned with ficus trees and oil paintings; a DJ-boothed lounge with railings imported from a '40s-era Italian hotel; and a bar with a striped, billowy curtain tumbling from the chandelier all the way down the walls like a pair of giant discarded Hammer pants. Small-plates from the Violet guy are available throughout, with action including the likes of baby beets w/smoked eel, and beef filet tartare w/peppers, pickled fennel, and root beer (being a small plate, its Barq's is bigger than its bite).

Entertainment's lined up by the guys behind the unpredictable jazz & rock nights at Green Door, and could include everything from Eastern European three-pieces, to Euro-disco, to surprise-guest jam sessions -- as for specific examples, they'll have to get back to ya on that.