Affordable eats at an eclectic resto

Sometimes, seemingly random collections can work great together: you wouldn't think that Elliott Gould, Casey Affleck, and Scott Caan were good for anything, but put 'em under Clooney's guidance, and two sequels later, they've taken down everyone in Vegas and someone's banging Ellen Barkin. For a similarly beautiful mishmash of a restaurant, check out BoHo

From members of the Kitchen 24/Geisha House crews, BoHo's located conveniently in the same center as the Arclight, and reflects a purely hodgepodge mentality: huge, open windows feeding air to 12ft ficuses, which're jammed up against bookshelves sitting near a fireplace topped with stuffed deer heads, while mismatched light fixtures/furniture/silverware come from vintage stores, then hopefully get washed. The similarly unpredictable, everything-under-$21 menu's stacked with gourmet ingredients, and includes small plates like oyster po-boy sliders and a charcuterie plate w/ whiskey chicken liver mousse, and "big ass plates" like a burger w/ Cambazola cheese & caramelized onion, Scottish salmon w/ sunchoke puree, and a fry-ringed, tamarind/guava-glazed "Pile O' Ribs" so alluringly sweet, Harrison Ford will leave his wife for it. Rounding out the patchwork's a slew of gas-oven pizzas, with toppings like homemade pepperoni, fennel sausage, and pulled pork from Eagle Rock's beloved Oinkster -- pair with a few drinks, and go wee wee wee all the way home

BoHo's also got 24 taps of craft beers (Allagash White, Delirium Nocturnum), plus a fully stocked bar, because there's nothing the least bit random about booze and more booze working great together.