Your first look at the book-filled booze sanctum

Books have been used the world over to foment change, increase literacy, and help LeVar Burton bang tons of librarians. Now they're helping you get your drink on, at Hemingways.

From the guy behind the schmancy Green Door, Hemingway's is a cocktail-driven, ornately decorated, patio-abetted bar lovingly dedicated to Papa (and approved by his granddaughter Mariel!), w/ decor pulled from his life including massive columns stuffed w/ antique books, vintage couches that look like they were lifted from dusty Havana, and a wall of ancient typewriters each containing a single page with a Hemingway's quote, though hopefully not "A cat has absolute emotional honesty". Drinks follow the theme, with each cocktail named after an Ernie novel and containing booze from the country that he wrote it in/about: London dry gin/ chartruese/ basil/ cucumber "The Sun Also Rises", the Rye whiskey/ sage/ berry/ honey/ lemon/ bitters "A Moveable Feast" and the champagne/ blackberry/ fresh sour/ absinthe "Death in the Afternoon", aka "Embarrassing to Drink Whenever". In addition to the specialty drinks, they've got a carefully-curated scotch & whiskey program (w/ unusualness like High West Rendezvous rye and the Japanese Suntory Yamakazi 18 year); a selection of craft beers (Delerium Tremens, Boont Amber Ale, Red Seal IPA); and specially-imported Algerian wine, which contains significantly less issues with French people than Algerian whine.

Soon, the plan's to have the patio open in the afternoon w/ imported coffees, cheeses, olives, and teas, all of which you can enjoy while quietly reading a book, assuming LeVar doesn't implore you to "take a look"... at what he's doing to Miss Krystal on the microfiche.