Two-part shoes are the future

Shoes are a study in futility: once they're broken in, you have a short window before they become ragged, stinking foot-bags. Skins Footwear has the solution

SF has succeeded in fully decoupling podiatal comfort from appearance by selling their footwear in two mix-and-match parts. First, you have the inner half, or "bone": a fitted orthopedic sole that yields comfortably to your foot like a baby's supple head. Over this foundation, you slip "skins": sock-like outers that use folding heel flaps to secure to the bone. Styles range from first date-worthy leathers, to sneakers for men so casual, they've forgotten the touch of a woman

The shoes launch this week, so start breaking yours in immediately. But when you go to buy, please refrain from wearing your favorite worn-in jeans -- which recently hit maximum comfort, and have already begun to expose your balls.