Street food from around the world

In our world there are only two universal truths: we're all going to die, and street food is awesome. Give yourself a round-the-world tour to support truth number two, at Susan Feniger's Street.From Ciudad's Food Network-approved chef, Street's a midsized foodery dedicated to street eats from around the world, funkily decked out with a Eurodisco neon line-drawing interior and a firepitted outdoor patio, whose mural of people-outlines evokes both global street art and your glory days as the best tracer in school. Food's wildly diverse, starting with apps like Chinese sesame cakes filled with red bean paste and Moldavian meatballs in sweet & sour tomato sauce, while larger dishes include curries (Southern Thai massamun w/ chicken, red yam, and mushrooms), soups (Vietnamese beef pho over vermicelli noodles), and wood-oven-cooked fare like baked fish served w/ kushary, an Egyptian street favorite of spiced rice, lentil, and macaroni (they also love Hamburger Horus). Beer also leans international (Kenya's Tusker Lager, Australia's Barons Black Wattle Ale), while cocktails go classic, like a Sazerac Manhattan, and the Plymouth Dry Gin, cognac, cointreau, lemon juice "Jerusalem Between The Sheets", for getting jew naked.Street's also serving Sunday brunch (Indian spiced tapioca w/ poached egg, etc), and Feniger plans on selecting random tables to receive gratis her most exotic dishes, proving there's one other truth: the only thing more awesome than street food is free.