Breakfast spot gets serious about European dinner

Thanks to its only being represented by vampire lore personified most chillingly by Leslie Nielsen, Transylvania seems about as real to you as Castlevania, but with fewer whips. Reminding you, that yeah, it's real and, yeah, they eat food there, Transylvania, the restaurant

Just now serving dinner after a brief breakfast-only run, Transylvania resembles a casual cafe that's been hijacked by Bram Stoker, thanks to on-table lanterns, a low-slung chandelier, and a slew of framed Bela Lugosi posters, all pieced together by an immigrant devoted to serving his country's traditional food, which, thanks to proximity, is more Hungarian, and less hemoglobin. The whole deal's stunningly cheap: dinner's all-you-can-eat of the entire menu (sans dessert) for $14.99, with hot dishes including Transylvanian moussaka (w/potatoes instead of the usual Greek-style eggplant, layered w/ ground turkey & sour cream), sweet cabbage stuffed w/ rice & ground turkey/beef/pork, and Hungarian style mac 'n cheese -- made w/ smoked bacon and sheep's cheese, an animal who's learned from lonely farmers another meaning of "Hungarian style". There's also more-standard fare like grilled sirloin steak, lamb, pork chops, and sausage, as well as four kinds of chicken: hot wing drumsticks, sauteed & spicy, wrapped in bacon, or topped with garlic sauce, just to prove once and for all they're not vampires

While there's beer and wine coming, right now liquid options are unfortunately non-alcoholic, giving you no excuse when you introduce fellow diners to your naked gun.