Hit the bars like it's 1984

Published On 02/21/2011 Published On 02/21/2011

Nothing's worse than going to a bar and discovering that it's empty, or worse, that you happened to show up on the one night mimes drink for free. Ensuring you aren't forced to hit on a chick with a painted face yanking a faux rope, Barspace.tv.

Just exported to the Hub by two dudes who met on an SF party bus, BSTV is a potentially creepy-but-nonetheless-engrossing online oracle that lets you watch live video feeds from inside your fave bars/clubs/restaurants without ever leaving the safety of your fave chair/beanbag/futon couch. The "bar cams", which're installed in over 34 venues around town (including Battery Park Bar & Lounge, Hennesey's, and Think Tank), tactfully degrade the image quality to avoid the privacy/legal entanglements that come w/ showing off peoples' mugs, and stream only during hours specified by the establishment at a rate of one image per second, which is 30 times slower than normal, like Kendrick Perkins' jump shot. For when the cameras are off, BSTV rocks extra features like panoramic videos of the bars (in case you forgot why you totally hate love The Purple Shamrock!), photo galleries chock full of party pics, venue-specific announcements, printable vouchers for drink specials, and even a searchable events page, so you'll know exactly when to tune in to watch Rob Jack's Superstar Karaoke.

Because anonymous peeping isn't always a thrill, there's also a straight-up social networking component where you can register/create a profile and friend specific people/venues, though choose wisely, or you'll just end up looking like a clown.