Buying a drink is a great way to give a present which you also get to enjoy, though considering most of your friends, you really might need them both. Safely buy a round from long range, with Bartab.Just soft-launched in DC, Bartab's a free, Facebook-compatible site/app that's already taken the West Coast by boozy storm, allowing e-friends to send each other coupons for real, $1 drinks redeemable at local spots, all of which they request you "please enjoy socially", which they should've thought of before eliminating the one reason to make friends at bars, suckers! Whenever you decide to feel generous, the site'll display a list of participating DC watering holes filterable by hood (from Adams Morgan to U Street): click one, and they'll return a list of specials that'll cost you only $1, and then auto-pull your FB friends so as to bestow one with specific dranks, from a Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale at Ulah Bistro, to a Jager Bomb at Tommy Joe's (...it exists, find it!), to a tequila shot at Zoo Bar, also the thing almost no one at UMass Law passes on the first go-around. After checkout, the lucky e-friend'll receive a notification wall post and optional personal message, after which they can redeem the coupon by showing the bartender their phone and coughing up a buck of their own; the well-restrained can store coupons indefinitely in their profile's "Drink Bank", also what Rip Torn refers to as "a bank".To celebrate the District launch, they'll be partying next Wednesday (from 5-6pm) at The Mighty Pint with appropriately free rails and drafts, though considering your friends, you really might need them both.