Beer bottles, reborn

Drinking out of random beer bottles is generally a bad idea, but so is doing a show with Seth Green, and people do that all the time. For random beer bottles that you can drink out of whenever you want, hit up BottleHood.

From a Presidio-born graphic design vet who's really, really into recycling (and alcohol!), BH turns already-consumed beer/wine/liquor bottles -- including local favs like Speakeasy, Skyy and Rogue -- into alcohol-themed pint glasses, tumblers, and shooters, though most Boozers are more known for their inside games. Bottles, which're all collected from local bars and restaurants near their SD headquarters, are cut below the bottleneck using a wet tile saw, then -- in an effort to make them look less like a murder weapon -- their rims are ground, sanded, and polished, which makes a big difference when you're driving a Subaru Brat. They'll also stock your wares cabinet with custom glasses (just send them an empty bottle that's paper-label-free), plus they do lighting fixtures -- which come with a brushed nickel finish canopy and use a 100 watt bulb -- vases, bowls, and "candle accessories", or to the layperson: matches.

There's also a new line of dishware in the works that'll upcycle broken glass by fusing it together and dropping it into home-made plate molds and platters, also inexplicably what the Family Guy creator keeps serving up roles to Green on.