Overlooking crucial decision-making criteria can prove disastrous, like when the architects of Vietnam failed to factor in anti-colonialism, and the architects of Oliver Stone's Alexander failed to factor in anti-Colin-ism. Helping you Farrell ferret out what to eat, Chewsy.Just pushed out of private beta by a quartet of ex-Microsofters dismayed by the Information Superhighway's not taking them straight to really good chicken wings, this free iPhone app eschews broad reviews for crowd-sourced opinions on what matters most -- specific menu items -- thus providing what they call "Location Enhancement", also a surgery that increases the size of an establishment's breast-rooms. Dishes are rated on a five spoon scale, and organized either by proximity or the Top 25 eats within ten miles; you can also search by restaurant, giving you a sense for how some spots excel only in certain areas, like CiCi's with salad. Sharing your own reviews on social networks is easy: should your prose be less than elegant, the app will actually generate its own florid commentary based on your spoon rating, e.g., "The Pescado Entortillado at El Chilito is so heavenly St. Peter will gladly wave it through, no questions asked", even if it allowed itself to be eaten on the Sabbath, and totally coveted a donkey belonging to Hoover's.Of the 15 North American cities so far served, Austin's the most fleshed out; soon, they'll be rolling out enhancements like the ability see what your Facebook friends've been munching on, as well as upload your own food photos with captions, e.g., one that could double as an Alexander review: "This cheese is the bomb."

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