Nothing's more frustrating than sitting there while an indecisive friend struggles to figure out what to order, unless that friend is the dude in Memento, in which case, it's kind of hilarious. Ensuring you won't have to study your tattoos to find something to eat, Chewsy.Recently uncaged from private beta by a cadre of famished Microsoft alums frustrated with an inability to avoid crappy chicken wings, Chewsy's a free mobile app that scraps rambling resto reviews in favor of crowd-sourced commentary on specific menu items, so you always know the best dish in the house and can "order it with confidence", although the sweet potato fries are more filling. Getting started is easy: just peruse the browseable menu of local grub repositories (closest in location first) for a specific dish, all of which are ranked on a one-to-five spoon scale and are accompanied by helpful reader musings; or just search for the top 25 rated spots/meals within a 10mi radius, but not an 8 Mile radius, since the only item of note at those restaurants B Rabbit. You can also share your culinary pontifications on FB/Twitter thanks to a built-in app that auto-generates "whimsical" phrases based on the rating you proffered, and hunt for specific eateries/dishes wherever you're standing using the section titled "Food Nearby", also what the witch from Hansel & Gretel says whenever she drives past a kindergarten. Although just coming outta the gate, Chewsy's already stormed 15 markets and supports food reviews in any city, not to mention it's on the cusp (as in later this month) of allowing users to post food photos and read what their FB friends love or hate, though in Guy Pearce's case, it's a little bit more confusing.