It's often impossible to decide exactly what to order at a nice restaurant, until you realize that for a limited time only, they're just going to up and give you two Original Chicken Sandwiches for the price of one. For an app that flat-out tells you to actually order the BK Big Fish the go-to dish, download Chewsy

From four Microsoft nerds who wanted a way to find the best dish on any menu without actually eating them all like Val Kilmer does, Chewsy leverages user reviews to rate restos' menu items, letting you go straight to the best dish in the joint, which won't taste nearly as good to you as to the guy who just smoked one. Using your current location, the app can give you the top 25 menu items (e.g., Michy's short ribs, the "simply incredible" Godfather pizza at Andiamo) in a .5- to 25-mile radius, and offers quick feedback from other eaters, who rate plates on a scale of one to five spoons -- also the sleeping arrangements the Chilean miners still aren't willing to talk about. You can also help others by rating grub you've downed (and share it on F-book and Twitter), and even if you're not the greatest writer, the app'll assign playful phrases to your review, such as "After having the pork buns at Gigi, I licked the plate, the fork and the stain on our server's apron", and "I'd shank the Tiramisu at Lambaster's if it was my cellmate"...like, with a knife? Then eat it? OK, that one wasn't penned by the greatest writer either

Because legend has it that there's food elsewhere, Chewsy's currently tracking dominant menu items in 15 North American cities, and in the near future you'll be able to see what your F-book friends are eating -- which, if they opt for the prix-fixe, might just include a Tendercrisp Garden Salad and a nine-piece Chicken Fries.