Etch Your Heart Out

Published On 02/21/2011 Published On 02/21/2011

Elevating something from OK to awesome can usually be accomplished with a key addition, like when a certain warm-climate NBA team picked up a certain guard/forward...but by now the world's grown tired of constantly discussing Tony Allen's signing with Memphis. Elevating your drinking vessels to awesome without help from a former Celtic, Etch Your Heart Out

From a titillatingly tattooed local who only sells stuff she'd actually buy, EYHO designs sweet custom glassware, etching hand-drawn badass-ery (pin-up girls, bacon, brass knuckles) on new and recycled pint glasses, mugs, tumblers, and shooters, though most of those ultimately end up just sitting untouched in the NBA on TNT booth. The cup-stock imagery -- which's applied using glass etching cream pasted over a vinyl cutout -- ranges from rad weaponry (switch blades, grenades) to mustaches (handlebar, Rollie Fingers, Magnum, P.I., French inspector), and even includes two SF specific designs -- a 16oz clear glass vessel etched with an old muni token graphic, and a cobalt blue pint rocking a shopping cart and two accompanying banners that read "Downtown Pride" -- finally, somebody appreciates Julie Brown. There's also a small selection of non-sippables, including a blue dinner plate with a sunny side-up egg and two strips of bacon, and an oval-shaped scallop-edged mirror with a light blue Hulk Hogan mustache etched in the center, so you can turn to it and say, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the Hulkster going to run wild on, brother?".

Some of the glassware is sold in sets (e.g. all four weapon themed mugs), but she'll also put together custom collections from available designs -- the perfect gift to give Tony now that he's finally Walking in Memphis.