JHill Design Sports Maps

Maps are useful for everything from finding your way through uncharted territory, to plotting the best route to a restaurant, to making girls think you're into indie music even if you only heard the song while accidentally watching the entire 2004 MTV Music Video Awards. Now using maps to celebrate the dominance of Boston sports teams, JHill Design Sports Maps

From the creative pen of a MassArt-trained graphic designer who owns her own Ft. Point studio, this artsy four-piece collection of commemorative prints showcases historic hometown championship victories from the area's four pro sports teams, all adorned w/ team color-specific maps, memorable descriptions of the game, and title years, also what Judi Dench labels all of her diaries after she got Damed in 1988. Starting in the Garden, JHD revisits the Bruins epic Stanley Cup game-four overtime triumph over the Blues with this black/yellow plaid snowflake'd map of the Commonwealth that reads "1970 BIG BAD BRUINS", as well as an all-17- championship years C's print that highlights the 2008 39-point win over the Lakers, the largest series-clinching beat-down in NBA history that didn't involve Ron Artest. On the field, there's a magenta football-logo'd New England flanked by Roman numerals for all three Super Bowl victories that specifically commemorates Vinatieri's 48-yarder to drop the Rams in '02, along w/ a Red Sox Curse Broken print from 2004 that features a red/blue diamond & circle patterned Bay State, the Hub's latitude and longitude, and a caption that begins "Under a total lunar eclipse", though not "Under a total lunar eclipse of the heart", as Bonnie Tyler is from Wales and much more into whatever sport they do there

If you somehow live in Boston and don't follow sports, get out! JHD also rocks a sweet lineup of non-sports vintage travel poster-inspired city prints and maps from actual states/countries that the designer claims never to have visited, though one is named, "Toast to Massachusetts" -- so next time she makes a bold claim you can just be like "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah..s".