Let San Antonio trip you out

All things considered, a decade's not too long for an artist to wait for success...then flame out and wait another 10 years to be invited to share a VH1-sponsored bunk-bed with C.C. DeVille. Finally getting his due after a decade + 2, Jason Limon.

Toward the end of a 12-year stint as a graphic designer, San Antonio's Limon finally started getting enough of his acrylic-on-wood works into galleries (most of them out-of-state) to start painting full-time, with the mainstay being accessibly grotesque creatures fused from organic and metallic components, like far less cute versions of Stephen Hawking. Some of the really weird ones:

Insecta Variance 1: Bugs are gross enough. If you happened upon a giant, aqua-colored beetle sporting translucent wings, flowers, and a single yellow eye staring out of its back, you'd probably lose your Naked Lunch.

Fragment No. 69: At first, you might assume this is an orange-speckled pomegranate crossed with an old garlic clove, but no! It's an armored Lovecraftian octopus with eight orange eyes ringed around a giant green one, also what Lilliputians called 280lb former Steelers tight end Eric after he washed out of football and onto their shores.

Vigilance: A mechanical owl rides a robotic tapeworm whose golden arms terminate in a metal claw and a cluster of gun barrels, while from its tail shoot red plant-like whips, which should also describe a leftist House rep ensuring party discipline by orgasmically wailing about bigger slices of America's custard pie. Come on, politics.

Meanwhile, In the Still of Uncertain Streams offers what passes for sylvan serenity, depicting a hulking, moping sloth, a tiny, furry, gumdrop, and a fat deer-like thing with a curious alien's face. If you see stuff like that all the time, quit putting that poison in your veins, or momma's fallen angel will be you.