A guy, a table, and the Golden Ratio

High school math doesn't translate well in real life, especially since everyone says your mom did really well in the divorce, and she only got, like, 70%. Using math to comfort your family room instead of crushing your family, MSTRF.

MSTRF's the nom-de-furniture of a local guy who makes unusual symmetrically shaped coffee tables and wall art w/ laser-cut geodesic designs carved out of the middle, all based on nerd-tastic mathematical ideas like sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence, and the Golden Ratio, which occurs whenever there are 1.618 more women in a bar than men, and all of them are blonde. Tables include the Classic II, a black lacquered number w/ a series of different sized rectangles in the center; the raw-plywood AD Rustic, made from a single piece of wood, and the ABACI BLACK, a crazily constructed number w/ multiple levels that looks like it's a pile of Tetris pieces, which should bail you out with the ladies when you're only bringing your B-game. They've also got wall art like "33" (a see-through triangle constructed of various rectangles), a green-birch headboard called the LIBER that looks like something out of a modernist log cabin, and the Mund, which is solid wood w/ an ebony finish -- a solid choice, as everyone knows white woods can't dunk. Except Chris Anderson.

MSTRF's goal's to get into big time furniture stores, and he'll do custom work for the "right price", though these days that's something only your mom can afford.