Published On 01/12/2011 Published On 01/12/2011

Employers now scour Facebook to dig up dirt on potential employees, discovering you used to get crunk in college, or worse, you're Catholic. Scrubbing away your pious partying past: Socioclean.

From a coterie of successful consultants & analysts, Clean'll auto-sift through your entire Facebook identity to analyze and flag "wall posts, status messages and photos" that contain "ill-advised and inappropriate material", so time to find another home for your Chris Gaines videos. You can manually helm the search or unleash an auto-scan to comb for a litany of pre-defined obscene verbiage, from obvious curses to stuff like "tequila", "turd", "sexy" and "condom", though those last two won't be found in the same update without help from the word "not". Offensive items're then spit back chronologically -- complete with a View link for navigating to their Facebook home and deleting them -- and also organized by source (i.e., wall, statuses, groups, photos) via tabs, exactly what eliminating them will stop anyone from keeping on you.

Plans're afoot to soon debut similar services for other social networking sites, from Twitter to MySpace, though you'll probably want to get off MySpace altogether unless you want employers knowing you're 12, or worse, poor.



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